Delna Wame Epi, a mother of two, transitioned from a compliance officer to a law student at the Legal Training Institute. In 2019, she pursued legal studies to enhance her oversight of work permits at the Immigration and Citizenship Authority (ICSA).

Hailing from Kikori, Gulf Province, she applied for and received support through the MRDC Education Subsidy Program, funded by the Gas Resource Pipeline, enabling her to pursue a four-year law degree at the University of Papua New Guinea (2019-2023).

“Being a compliance officer, I realised the need to study further to better understand the complexities of compliance and the application of laws,” Delna stated.

Motivated by a desire to improve the practical enforcement of legal regulations, particularly in immigration, labor, and industry-specific areas, Delna commenced her legal studies.

“As I engaged with women and youth in our community, I felt a growing passion to advocate for their rights and aspirations, which ultimately molded my dream to become a lawyer,” Delna shared.

As a compliance officer, Delna ensures work permits’ ongoing compliance and serves as a resource for foreign workers in Papua New Guinea.

Engagement in community outreach, especially with youth and women, fuelled Delna’s commitment to advocating justice.

Delna recently graduated with her Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Papua New Guinea in 2024 and is currently at the Legal Training Institute (LTI).

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  • Terence Kapipi Yacop May 9, 2024 @ 10:32 pm

    Job well done. Congratulations Delna

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