Property Portfolio

THE MRDC Group invests in various executive residential and commercial properties in Port Moresby. These are various investments by individual Trustee companies who seek to create a revenue stream for their beneficiaries outside of the benefits from the resource projects on their land.

Mineral Resources OK Tedi.2

MRSM owns a couple of executive residential properties in National Capital District.

Ex Word Publishing

This prime commercial property comprising a warehouse and residential units is fully leased by one sole tenant. It is located on Section 209, Allotment 2, Hohola.

Tanatana Apartments

Tanatana Apartments is a 12 by 3 bedroom tri level executive units, located on Section 08, Allotment 20, Boroko (Tanatana Street Apartments)

Portlock Apartments

Portlock Apartments is located on Section 14, Allotment 22, Granville (Portlock Street Apartments) on Touaguba Hill. It comprises 6 x 3-bedroom split-level high quality executive type apartments.

Mineral Resources OK Tedi.2

MROT owns a couple of residential apartments and a commercial building in Port Moresby.

Prestige Apartments

Prestige Apartments is located on Touaguba Hill comprises 4 x 3 bedroom executive apartments

Sienna Apartments

MROT owns the Condominium Apartments, known as Sienna Apartments. The apartment is located on Lot 37, Section24, Ela Beach, Port Moresby. The executive apartments comprise a total of 18 units (9 x 3 & 9 x 2 bedrooms).

Park Services Apartments

Park Services Apartments is located at 2 Mile Hill. It comprises a total of 10 x 3 bedroom serviced apartments.

Hohola Villas Apartments

MROT owns the Hohola Villas Apartments, located on Allotments 8, Section 2, Hohola. It comprises of 8 x 2 bedroom residential units.

Commercial Properties

Fly River Haus

MROT owns Fly River Haus (WMI Building). It comprises 3 levels of office floors. It is located on Section 63, Lot 24, Gordon’s, NCD.

Petroleum Resources Kutubu

Section 7, Lot 44, Granville, NCD

PRK owns the vacant at Ela Beach known as Section 7, Lot 44, Granville, NCD. It is located along the Ela Beach Road and next to Ela Beach Hotel.