This is a further notice to our advertorial dated 18th January 2024. This Notice serves to update the major clans in Hides 1, the Petroleum Development License 1 (PDL 1) area, on the planned Account Opening Program.

The Bank Account Opening and Block Leaders/Directors Election Program is a MRDC sanctioned exercise, and a critical enabler, to give effect to the release of the royalty and equity benefits to the beneficiaries identified under section 169 of the Oil & Gas Act. This is a proven transparent, independent and fair exercise.

While MRDC continues to engage the Hides leadership in the process, MRDC reiterates that the execution of this process is independent and will be executed without fear or favor, as was successfully done for Hides PDL 7, PNG LNG Plant Site and Pipeline segments.

Landowner beneficiaries of PDL 1, PDL 8 & PDL 9 will undergo the same stringent processes to open their clan bank accounts to receive their benefits.

MRDC officers have maintained presence in Hides since January 2024 and will continue to monitor and ensure that this program is delivered transparently to the best interest of the PDL 1 beneficiaries. The full MRDC, Department of Petroleum (DoP) ExxonMobil PNG, Santos and security forces are already on the ground in preparation for this very important exercise.

This program will take between 4 to 6 weeks to complete, so it is imperative that the impacted beneficiaries in the Hides PDL1 are present in their respective blocks prior to the commencement of this exercise.

The clan bank account opening exercise and election of block leaders/directors will be conducted in the project area, not outside of it.

The Bank South Pacific will be involved in the Clan Bank Account opening, while the Electoral Commission will take charge of the Election of Block Leaders/Directors process.

In both exercises, officials from Department of Petroleum, ExxonMobil, Santos and independent observers appointed for the purpose will be observing/monitoring for transparency.

Please be advised that we will begin with the clans in Tuguba region followed by the clans in Hiwa region.

This notice serves to sincerely request all affected Hides PDL1 Project Area Landowner (s) (PALO) who will participate in this exercise to take note of the following activities and their respective dates.

  1. Landowner Mobilization – April 01 to April 14, 2024
  2. Awareness – April 15 to April 19, 2024
  3. Actual Clan Bank Account Opening – April 22 to April 30, 2024
  4. Election of Block Leaders / Directors – May 01 to May 07, 2024

Please take note that prior to conducting the Awareness, the actual Hides PDL1 Clan Bank Account Opening Program and Schedules for each block will be published for your noting and information. It is important also to note, that MRDC will not proceed with the Account opening exercise for clans and blocks where there is an existing court order restraining the process.

The entire PDL1 Clan Bank account opening and Block Leaders/Directors election process began in December 2022 but was disrupted due to law and order problems.

We have made a commitment to complete the process this year after a long delay. We urge all parties to cooperate so the PDL1 beneficiaries can finally receive their royalty and equity benefits from the PNG LNG Project.

Thank you.

Authorized by:

Augustine S. Mano, CBE

Managing Director & CEO

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