Kikori Secondary school in the Gulf Province was the recipient of a brand new school vehicle donated by Petroleum Resources Kutubu (PRK) yesterday.

The new vehicle, a land cruiser ten sitter, will now be able to help the school bring in their supplies from the surrounding areas and outside.

The students expressed gratitude through song and dramatised the hardships they faced, having to physically carry goods from the wharf to the school or hiring PMV trucks to bring in supplies from Mt Hagen via road.

In a small ceremony at the school, the principle, Mr Collin Sauka was handed the keys by the MRDC’s General Manager, External Affairs and Sustainable Development Imbi Tagune.

Mr Tagune stressed the importance of taking care of the vehicle and to service it regularly in order to keep it going for many years. Many local landowners as well as the principle and school board members expressed frustration at how long they’ve been neglected.

Board Chairman of the school Mr. Soba Samai highlighted that the Kikori Secondary was one of the schools on the list to benefit from the UBSA, LBSA and MoA under the Oil and Gas Pipeline Agreements signed in 2009.

Kikori Secondary School students in front of the newly donated vehicle by Petroleum Resources Kutubu (PRK) through MRDC.