With great sadness MRDC fare-welled another outstanding board member in June.

The late Mr Jac Baru passed away on the 24th of June leaving behind a wife, three daughters and two sons. The news left the family devastated as they had only just farewelled their daughter Kristie, who was killed in a plane crash outside Port Moresby. She was a pilot.

The MRDC board and management stood by the family to support them through the funeral and the repatriation of the late director from Port Moresby to his home province of Goroka.

The late director was appointed as an independent director of MRDC in April 2003. He was a geologist by profession and had been a consultant in the industry for a number of years.

As a member of the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and an Associate of the Institute of Engineers of PNG, Mr Baru brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the board during his time with the company. He served on the boards of the ‘Investment Advisory Committee and Human Resource Committee.

Many who knew him, including his fellow board of directors from both MRDC and PNG Water described him as being eloquent and intelligent, yet very humble and one who had a lot of respect for others.

He made an invaluable contribution in moving the company forward. The MRDC Board and management will miss his presence and contribution.

The late Baru now rests beside his beloved daughter Kristie.

May his soul rest in peace.