The people of Homa-Pawa, in Kutubu District, Southern Highlands Province have been deprived of their rights to good health and well-being for so long that they have had to travel to Kutubu and Mendi to access health services, which cost money for both the health service and transportation.

Trust Fund (CITF) has built a health centre in the heart of the area. The people of Homa-Pawa will not have to travel to Kutubu or Mendi for health services as they will have easy access to free health care and services.

The K1.5 million health centre will benefit the people living in and around the Homa-Pawa area, which includes the PDL 5 landowners of the LNG Project. The health centre will also benefit the people of Kutubu District and even the people of Hela Province.

Along with the health centre, an accommodation block of five houses with complete white goods and water tanks was built for the medical officers.

The Homa-Pawa Health Centre will have a doctor with four (4) medical officers to provide professional, qualified and the best health care for the people. Ten to twelve (10-12) qualified locals will also be employed in the area of building maintenance, technical expertise, grounds work, etc. The health centre will not only provide for the medical needs of the people but will also provide employment opportunities to the people of Homa-Pawa, Mt Bosavi and throughout the Kutubu region.

MRDC, under its commitment to provide and promote proper health care in the project areas, is proud to assist the people of Homa-Pawa in their need for health services.