Preparations are underway to facilitate MRDC Group’s attendance at the 14th Mining and Petroleum Investment Conference in Sydney, Australia on 5-7 December.

This year, MRDC will have a greater presence, going in as one of six principal sponsors of the event. As we’ve done for past conferences, we will be sending a delegation of close to 70 people, made up of all existing subsidiary directors and invitees from the PNG LNG Gas Resource companies.

The Sydney Conference has a working committee dedicated to planning the companies’ attendance and it’s made up of officers from Admin, External Affairs, Accounts, Legal and Managing Directors office. Planning began in February this year.

So far, conference registration for all participants have been completed. Accommodation has already been secured in Sydney, with the Hilton Hotel. Flights are now being booked. Booth space designs and all publication and promotional items are being designed and ordered.

Passports and visas are being taken care of by our admin team while the accounts team is processing all conference related payments and expenses.

The conference is just one month away and we all look forward to making our attendance another successful one.