Congratulations and thank you to MRDC’s External Affairs and Sustainable Development General Manager Imbi Tagune who celebrated his 15-year anniversary with the company in May this year.

Imbi has been a vital member of the MRDC machinery since joining the company in 2001. He heads the External Affairs Division tasked to manage project landowners on a day-to-day basis.

A veteran in the industry, serving with the then Chevron before joining MRDC, there’s not a landowner in the oil and gas business who does not know him.

The industry is lucky to have someone like him with a wealth of experience in community and public relations, vital in ensuring project security. Besides managing landowners, Imbi’s door is always open to staff, who look up to him as a fatherly or brotherly figure who is always ready to offer words of encouragement and advice.

Thank you Imbi for your service to the company and to the industry!

We’ll bring you Imbi’s full story in the next issue of Tokaut.