MRDC has successfully facilitated a recent joint maintenance program with Click TV in Kutubu, Gobe and Kikori areas.

MRDC officers together with Click TV maintenance crews visited 19 installation sites over eight days to carry out repairs on TV satellite discs installed four years ago.

The team ensured that all 24 channels through Click TV were up and run>ning as well as the installation of two additional TV channels (EMTV and Kundu) working.

In Kikori, an additional ten TV discs were installed in the MRDC Kikori facility. Ten TV screens were successfully installed in each of the rooms with all channels up and running.

Team Lead, External Affairs Bartholomew Yacop in his report to management stated that the Click TV technicians with the help of MRDC officers and VLOs ensured that all units were inspected, issues rectified and that the overall program was successful implemented.

The Click TV discs were stalled under an agreement with Petroleum Resources Kutubu (PRK) to enable landowners in the project area had access to TV.

PRK pays an annual bill to Click TV and has been ensuring the services are working and being accessed by locals through maintenance programs such as the one just completed.