Mineral Resources Development Company (MRDC) participated at the 33rd Australia Papua New Guinea Business Forum (APNGBF) & Trade Expo that was held at the Stanley Hotel in May.

The theme of the three-day event which started on May 14; “Navigating the Cycle: Creating Opportunities in Challenging Times” captures rightly the work MRDC does in leveraging opportunities and advantages served to us in this challenging times for the benefit of our landowners.

Thus, the decision to participate in the forum to showcase the work we have done to grow landowners’ wealth mainly in investments in PNG and overseas.

The forum was an opportunity to network and establish bilateral business relationships that may be of value to the company as business communities from both Australia and PNG especially as MRDC focuses on growing and diversifying its beneficiary’s investments.

As anticipated, the Star Mountain Plaza proved to be the main attraction especially as we head towards the APEC Summit next year.

The SMP project will house the Hilton Hotel and is set to host some of the APEC meetings and events that will be held on November 12-18. It has also been earmarked as an ideal venue to host future PNG Australia Trade meetings such as the APNGBF.

MRDC booth at the 33rd Australia Papua New Guinea Business Forum (APNGBF) & Trade Expo.