With the country’s national general elections successfully completed in August, all 111 Members of Parliament who represent the 21 Provinces and 90 districts in the country have been elected and sworn into parliament.

Governor for Central Robert Agorabe (2nd from left) meeting part of the management team during a visit to MRDC after being elected. Left is GRPNGLNGPL director Solo Damena.

Of the 111, five Governors from resource project areas, by virtue of their position as elected representatives become board members to the trustee companies currently under MRDC. The five provinces are Western, Gulf, Southern Highlands, Enga and Central provinces. Three out of the five are new MP’s.

Western Province Governor Taboi Awai Yoto (c) with MRDC’s Imbi Tagune (left) and Steven Evekone (right).

The newly elected Governor for Western Province, Yoto ….now joins the board of Mineral Resources Ok Tedi Limited, which is the Fly River provincial governments trustee company holding equity benefits from the giant Ok Tedi Mine. He replaces the former governor Mr. Ati Wobiro.

The Central Province Governor is also a first time MP. Hon. Robert Agorabe ousted the former governor Mr. Kila Haoda this election. Hon. Agorabe now takes his place on the board of the newly established Gas Resources PNGLNG Plant Limited, the trustee company for the LNG plant site landowners in Central province.

Gulf Province also has a new governor on the board of Petroleum Resources Kutubu, representing the Kikori pipeline landowners. Hon. Chris Haiveta, who is no stranger to MRDC having previously served as a two term Governor of the province, has returned. He now replaces the former Governor Havilla Kavo on the board of PRK.

The Governor for Southern Highlands, Hon. William Powi has been successfully re-elected, hence he still holds his position on the boards of Petroleum Resources Kutubu, Petroleum Resources Moran and Petroleum Resources Gobe.

Enga Governor, Sir Peter Ipatas also retained his seat, and returned to his position on the board of Mineral Resources Enga limited.