Speaking at the grand opening of the Hilton Hotel Port Moresby on the 12th of October, Prime Minister Hon. Peter O’Neill praised landowners as investors and acknowledged them for their contributions to the country.


“I am proud to acknowledge our landowners as major investors in their own right, as investors in their destiny,” Mr O’Neill said.

“This is truly a project by the people, for the people.” Landowner companies such as the Petroleum Resources Kutubu (PRK) Limited and Mineral Resources Star Mountain (MRSM) Limited represent the landowners contribution to the growth of the country.

Under the mentorship and leadership of the Mineral Resources Development Company (MRDC), these companies have become a wealth creation vehicle for landowners, for their respective provincial governments and the country as a whole.

Pearl Resort Fiji, Taumeasina Resort Samoa and now Star Mountain Plaza Hilton Port Moresby are but some examples of the landowners’ contribution to the country’s tourism and hospitality industry. Star Mountain Plaza Hilton Port Moresby is a physical representation of landowners’ partnership with a common goal for sustainability after the exhaustion of the projects.

PM in his remarks said that the project signified the beginning of an era for the landowners, the people and the country at large. Moreover, PM stated that SMP Hilton Hotel is the creation of a better future and is a testament of the hard work, commitment and the partnership by all stakeholders to overcome all hardships, trials and tribulations they faced.

Gulf Governor and PRK Director Hon. Chris Haiveta representing the people of Southern Highlands and Gulf Provinces stated that the people of these regions have been blessed with the Kutubu Oil Project that has supported the growth of PNG’s economy since oil extraction started in the region in the 1990’s to date.

“I am proud of the landowners as we not only sit on the receiving end of the spectrum as rent collectors of our land, but as business men and women. I am happy to see that the landowners and provincial government are moving away from receiving money but investing and making money for the future generation,” said Mr. Haiveta.

Petroleum Resources Kutubu has taken steps through the leadership of the Mineral Resources Development Company to make investments in PNG and abroad which will sustain the landowners in the long run.

PM also took the time to acknowledge MRDC for its commitment and dedication in ensuring the landowners and beneficiaries are taken care of.

Mr. O’Neill stated that MRDC as the trustee of the people’s resources have proven through strategic investments their ability to deliver successful tourism and