The Mineral Resources Development Company (MRDC) successfully facilitated a peace and reconciliation ceremony between Angore PDL 8 landowners and Exxon Mobil in Hela Province in June, bringing to an end long standing tensions and issues affecting the operations of Exxon in the area.

‘’We want peace, we want services’’, chanted the school children of St Johns Tukupawi Primary School as they stood in line to receive dignitaries and state representatives to Edauwi for a peace and reconciliation ceremony for Angore.

Tensions have been high at Exxon Mobil’s Angore PDL 8 project area since the destruction and vandalism of machinery and property damaged in June 2018 after landowners protested over a non-payment of 35 million kina for “project security”.

Thursday’s ceremony, witnessed by Exxon Mobil, Governments representatives and state agencies, MRDC, KPHL, DPE, OSL and landowner leaders marked the end of the friction and a show of reconciliation between the Angore landowners and Exxon Mobil.

On behalf of the 59 ILG chairman’s of Angore, Malex Au, a young landowner leader and chairman of the ATALA apologised for the destruction and damage to properties and ongoing issues which have been interrupting the company’s operations in Angore.

“This is our way of taking back PNG, we are starting in Angore by bringing peace to our area”, said Malex.

“I take this time to say sorry to Exxon Mobil. I take full responsibility of my peoples actions and today, I personally say sorry”, said Malex Au, Chairman of ATALA.

He called on Exxon Mobil to resume operations in Angore and gave his word on behalf of the people that issues would be addressed in a round table rather than fights in the area which will affect the companies operations.

MRDC’s Imbi Tagune called on the people to remember this day and keep the peace in the area.

He told them Hela is looking after PNG’s garden, the PNGLNG Project, God has blessed Hela, There must be peace here so you can enjoy the blessings.

“We are MRDC recognises the importance of peace. We proved this when we went into Beneria No go zone to open bank accounts, we brought peace there. Angore must keep peace because with peace comes services and developments”.

The leaders presented 15 live pigs to Exxon Mobil as a symbol of reconciliation