Thank you to everyone that had applied for this scholarship.

We received an overwhelming number of applicants – more than 2000 applicants from across the project-impacted areas.

Thank you also for your patience.

The Vetting and Selection process for the scholarship is a tedious work and our scholarship team have completed almost 90% of the work.

Vetting of all the applicants have been completed. Selection for most project-impacted areas are 95% completed.

The areas that have completed their selections are:

  1. Ok Tedi Villages through its subsidiary Mineral Resources Star Mountains Ltd (MRSM).
  2. CMCA Region through its subsidiary Mineral Resources CMCA Holdings Ltd (MRCMCAH).
  3. PNG LNG Plant site Villages through its subsidiary Gas Resources PNG LNG Plant Ltd (GR-PNGLNGP).
  4. PNG LNG Pipeline (Segments 1-7)through its subsidiary Gas Resources PNG LNG Pipeline (GR-PNGLNGP).
  5. Moran Oil Project through its subsidiary Petroleum Resources Moran (PRM).

These areas are now processing payments for their successful applicants. Payments should be completed by next week.

We have started informing successful candidates and are issuing Guarantee letters to education institutions and successful applicants while payments are being processed.

Project Impacted areas that are currently doing their selections are:

  1. Gobe Oil Project under its subsidiary Petroleum Resources Gobe (some directors have completed their selections and are progressing with payments while other are currently doing selection).
  2. PDL7 under its subsidiary Gas Resources Hides 4 Ltd (GR-Hides 4)
  3. Kutubu Oil Project under their subsidiary Petroleum Resources Kutubu (PRK)

We will begin publishing full list of successful applicants for each of the project-impacted areas next week.

For scholarship queries, contact us at